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Divorce and financial anxiety are not a good combination

The end of a Tennessee marriage can cause immense sadness and heartache as the dream of growing old with one's partner is no longer a reality. Other emotions may enter into the situation including anger and resentment. Add the stress of a financial settlement in the divorce and one has a recipe for the opposite of happily ever after.

The financial settlement can be hard on both parties, but in a country where women still earn on average 80% of what men earn, it is not unusual for women to feel the financial strain more acutely. Additional data that support this include a 20% decline in income following a divorce and a poverty rate of 27% for divorced women. It is small wonder that money issues are sometimes even a larger problem than concern for one's children.

What to expect after a DUI arrest

Your life will change after a DUI arrest, especially if it leads to a conviction. If police recently arrested you for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, it would be a good idea for you to learn as much as you can about Tennessee laws governing alcohol-related offenses and your options for defending yourself against the charges.

Whether you realize you should not have been behind the wheel that night or you believe there has been a big misunderstanding, having a criminal defense attorney by your side can make a difference in the outcome. From the moment of your arrest, you have the right to legal counsel to guide you through each step of the process. Knowing what to expect may relieve some of your stress so you can better participate in your defense.

High-conflict parents can cause harm to children in a divorce

The terms helicopter parents and bulldozer parents have become very familiar in recent years. Where divorcing parents are concerned, there is another term, high-conflict parents. While people who are divorcing may lose track of concern for each other, the well-being of their children typically remains paramount in any divorce proceedings in Tennessee.

High-conflict parents is a term used to describe parents who are divorced or in the process of divorcing and whose failure to put aside their animosity toward each other could have a negative impact on their children. The ability to maintain civility in front of the children may be difficult for them. However, it is important to know that such conflict can have a long term and very negative impact on one's children.

First offense DUI charge can be a scary experience

Sunday evenings are often a time for get-togethers with friends to perhaps watch some football or just enjoy each other's company. Such occasions often involve sharing alcoholic beverages with friends and some people may not be aware of alcohol's impact on their ability to drive a motor vehicle. Such may have been the case in a serious crash in Tennessee on a recent Sunday evening that resulted in a DUI charge.

A 35-year-old man was driving west on I-840 and a semi carrying was traveling eastbound. The car reportedly crossed over the yellow line and crashed head-on into the tractor-trailer. The impact of the collision apparently caused a 300-gallon fuel spill that caused a traffic delay for a number of hours.

Football and alcohol can combine to create a DUI charge

Football and alcohol frequently go together in Tennessee. Football, alcohol and driving have the potential to be a dangerous combination. Such appeared to have been the case following a game on a recent Sunday when a fan was arrested and charged with a DUI.

A man left a Tennessee Titans game and as he was driving home from the game he rear-ended an ambulance. The ambulance had been stopped at a red light. Officers reported to the scene of the accident and stated that the driver appeared to be impaired. They reported observing slurred speech and blood-shot eyes.

Considering a plea deal when facing drug charges

Facing drug charges can be confusing and frightening. With the rise in addictions and deaths from overdoses and the increase in violent crime coming to the once quiet areas of Tennessee, police and lawmakers seem to be toughening their stance on prosecuting drug crimes to the fullest extent. If police have arrested you for drug offenses, your future may be on the line.

It is possible that the prosecutor in your case will extend a plea offer to you. Before you accept or reject such a deal, it is important that you understand the potential consequences. You may want to reject any deal that includes jail time or grab an offer that seems to be in your favor. However, it is wise to obtain legal advice before making a decision.

Speed and alcohol can result in a DUI arrest

A death caused by a motor vehicle accident is a tragedy. It can be all the more so if caused by a drunk driver. A recent accident in Tennessee that took the life of a man may have been the result of drunk driving by a person who was apparently out on bail for a previous DUI charge.

Two cars collided on a highway near Memphis on a recent Thursday morning. A witness reported seeing a car speeding past him at what he described as speed in excess of 100 mph. A short time later, the person who had reported seeing the speeding vehicle came upon the crash scene. The witness reported stopping to offer assistance, and the driver asked for a ride. Police arriving on the scene caused the driver to flee.

Facing DUI charges can be a harrowing experience

Young people in Tennessee are often in a hurry to grow up. This is particularly true of those leaving their teen years and entering their 20s. The legal drinking age is 21 but some find it difficult to resist the temptation when at a party or out with friends. A person may not be aware of the impact alcohol can have on one's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and a DUI arrest can be the result.

A young woman, 20 years old, was out with friends on a recent evening and reportedly had a false ID that allowed her to purchase alcohol earlier in the evening. She was apparently driving home when she ran off the road and struck a pole. Someone reported seeing her get into another car and ride away. That car was said to have been driven by a member of her family.

Gray divorce can be fraught with financial stumbling blocks

Divorce rates in the United States are on the decrease among younger married couples. This generation is waiting longer to get married, with the couple often living together first. This contributes to the decrease as couples may be more mature and know each other better before entering into marriage. There is one group where the divorce rate is on the rise. The divorce rate for those over 50 is increasing at a very rapid rate for couples in Tennessee and around the nation.

Gray divorces, as they are known, doubled to 10 per 1,000 in 2017 from five per 1,000 in 1990. For couples over 65 the rate tripled from two divorces per 1,000 to six per 1,000 in the same time frame. While the impact of divorce can be devastating at any age the financial implications for older couples can be significant due to older couples often being past their peak earning years. It can cost significantly more to maintain two homes than one. It is also important to remember that when it comes to asset distribution, all retirement dollars are not created equal.

Financial implications for gray divorce

Marriages are entered into with a promise of 'for better or worse.' Many couples who have been married for a long time, raised families and had careers are questioning that promise as they consider their happiness in their golden years. The rate of divorce generally has decreased except for those over 50. The rate of the gray divorce is increasing in Tennessee and around the country.

Among the biggest issues facing any couple in a divorce, but especially those who are older, are financial issues. A person's peak earning years may have passed if he or she is in her 60s. When figuring spousal support, this could be a significant issue. There are many other financial concerns that should be understood when beginning the process.

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