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Job loss can heavily impact divorce

Making the decision to divorce in Tennessee can take an emotional toll on a person and be the beginning of a difficult period in one's life. If a job loss is added to that upheaval, it can make an already complicated, and possibly contentious, divorce process seem that much worse. What are some steps that can be taken to lessen the impact?

Some questions that might arise include wondering how the court will react to the news, how it will impact negotiations and what action one should take. Much of this depends on the circumstances of the job loss. If the loss was a result of a downsizing or reorganization, one cannot be held to blame for the loss. However, if the loss was a result of one's own behavior or actions, the court may not look favorably on the situation.

Being accused of DUI can impact one's professional life

It is commonly known that drinking and driving don't mix. Nevertheless, Tennessee courts are full of drivers facing DUI charges. Many people may not realize how a certain amount of alcohol can impair their judgment. A case involving an area school administrator may be a case in point.

A woman who is a school administrator in Stewart County was recently charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. She was also charged with failure to exercise due care while driving a vehicle. The incident occurred on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

Being charged with sex crimes can be overwhelming

Child sexual abuse has been prominent in the news recently. The Catholic church and the Boy Scouts have both been impacted by sex abuse incidents. A bill that recently passed in the Tennessee legislature seeks to make changes to how some sexual abuse cases can be prosecuted. One of the major proposed changes concerns the statute of limitations around sex.

The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time that can pass between an incident occurring and the incident and charges being filed. The proposed legislation would increase the length of time allowed under the statute of limitations in almost all incidents of sexual abuse. This is particularly true where a juvenile is the perceived victim.

Do authorities suspect you of cocaine-related crimes?

When caught in difficult situations, people choose to handle them in different ways. Some may begin to panic while others remain calm. While it is typically better to remain calm, it can be difficult to do so when faced with criminal charges.

If Tennessee authorities have charged you in relation to cocaine crimes, you may start to feel as if your life is over. However, before your mind goes down such a fatalistic path, you may want to remember that you have rights and legal options that could help you handle your case. One of your first steps may be to fully understand the charges that you face.

New legislation aims to increase jail time for DUI convictions

It is common knowledge that drinking and driving don't mix. Some people may be unaware of how one or two drinks can impact their ability to safely drive a car. If pulled over, one may be accused of drunk driving, known as DUI. There are also people who habitually drive after having had more than one or two drinks. It may be that these are the people who are the target of legislation recently introduced in the Tennessee legislature.

In a recent news story, it was reported that a person who had been convicted of drunk driving and of killing three people as a result was released from prison. Following his release, he was again convicted of DUI but received a light sentence. This was because the existing law doesn't allow incidents that occurred 10 or more years ago to be considered by the courts in subsequent arrests. The proposed legislation would eliminate what is known as a lookback loophole.

Spring and hot tempers can lead to a need for criminal defense

It seems like people are always in a hurry in Tennessee, and this can cause tempers to flare. This can be particularly true when spring comes and with it the sports activities, prom season and a myriad of other things to make already hectic lives worse. When tempers flare, people may act, out and this can end in a need for a criminal defense.

In a recent incident at a car wash in Nashville, a woman got involved in a skirmish with another patron. The woman had reportedly broken into someone else's vehicle, and the resulting skirmish ensued. The policeman who responded to the call placed the woman in the back of his patrol car.

Relationship squabble can end in the need for criminal defense

Dating can be a tricky business. A person meets someone, a connection is made, a date is scheduled and as the relationship develops, it is inevitable that a person's imperfections will appear. It is in the nature of being human that people are not perfect. What is not inevitable in Tennessee is how a person may choose to react to the other's imperfections. Some reactions may result in the need for a criminal defense.

A man was recently arrested and charged with domestic assault. Officers responded to a call for a domestic dispute. Upon arriving at the house the alleged assailant was no longer there, but the woman claimed they had been arguing about her partner's drug and alcohol problem when he allegedly began assaulting her. Reportedly, her boyfriend called her on the phone while the officers were there, and they described his speech as being slurred and that he sounded drunk.

Habitual drunk driving offender arrested for 17th time

Being arrested for a DUI in Tennessee can be a very unsettling experience. Being arrested for drunk driving when one has multiple such arrests may be terrifying and can result in the suspension of one's license and even more serious consequences. A recent accident involved a driver who had reportedly been arrested for 16 previous DUI infractions.

A woman who was said to be driving under the influence struck another vehicle in a recent accident. The driver of that vehicle suffered two broken bones in her face. The driver who hit her apparently has a history of 16 previous arrests for driving under the influence. Reportedly, her license was revoked in 1987.

Bill introduced in state senate to reduce DUIs

It is widely accepted that drinking and driving do not mix. Regardless of how well it is known and accepted, drunk driving accidents remain a problem that has not been solved. A Tennessee legislator is making an effort to reduce the number of DUI incidents in the state.

A bill, Senate Bill 683, is being considered in the state senate. The bill would require stiffer penalties for repeat DUI offenses. The current law for a repeat offense mandates a 45 day jail term unless a judge orders participation in a substance abuse program, which would reduce jail time to 25 days. The bill being considered would increase the minimum sentence for a repeat offense to 11 months and 29 days.

How can you know if you are eligible for alimony?

Finances are some of the most complex and contentious issues in a divorce. If you are facing the process of ending your marriage, you may have serious concerns about your financial future after the process is final. One of the issues you may be wondering about is whether you will be eligible for alimony.

Alimony is financial support from the higher-earning spouse to the lesser-earning spouse in a divorce. Some Tennessee couples are able to negotiate the terms of their financial order out of court and decide on a fair alimony order, but that is not always the case. If you think you could have a rightful claim to this type of financial support, you may benefit from learning more about alimony and what courts consider when deciding on this matter.

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