Coping as A Single Mom After Divorce

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Feb. 1, 2021

Going through a divorce as a mother can bring a huge amount of fear into your life. You may worry about how you will possibly bring up your children alone and be able to pay the bills at the same time. You’ll wonder if you’ll have any time for yourself again, and how you will be able to raise your children without a father figure whom they can look up to.

While all of these concerns are valid, it’s important that you take the time to assess the fears you have, and consider whether they are helping you in any way. In difficult times, you need to have a solution-orientated mindset and a strong belief in yourself. The following are some tips for not only coping but for thriving when becoming a single mother for the first time.

Life Can Be Better Without Toxicity

Being a single mom can be a better option than having a toxic father in the household. If your ex caused arguments and created an unstable household environment, chances are that they were doing more harm than good to your children. You’ll be able to experience a sense of peaceful power without him.

Everything Is in Your Hands

Everything is in your hands — for better and for worse. Many single mothers are able to hold down a job as well as be an inspiring mother. While it requires a lot of determination, it is possible, and the pride you will feel for achieving this will be unmatchable.

You Should Be Entitled to Financial Support

When going through a divorce, you should be entitled to child support and alimony from the other parent, particularly if you are the custodial parent and they are the primary earner.

Make sure that you take action to understand what you are entitled to in financial support as a divorcing mother who is going to become a single parent.