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Your relationship is on the rocks, and another misunderstanding turned into something worse. Now, not only are you facing the end of a relationship but also criminal charges. If you are confronted with charges of domestic violence, now is the time to act to protect yourself.

With nearly a decade of criminal defense experience in Tennessee, our firm has seen the consequences people must face when they are not proactive in protecting their rights. A conviction of domestic violence can result in the following consequences:

Many times, charges of domestic violence coincide with the end of a marriage — this is where the unique approach of our law firm can benefit you. The Law Offices of Thomas Maynard can represent you through both the criminal and divorce sides of your case, allowing you service from one attorney at one firm who can mitigate the consequences of both events.

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Now is the time to understand the consequences of domestic violence charges. It is no longer “he said, she said;” it is up to a judge. No matter the reason for your arrest and the end of your relationship, we understand that you still have rights in the process.

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