40-Count Indictment

Client charged with 40 counts of sex crimes including 20 counts of incest, 10 counts of rape of a child, and 10 counts of statutory rape.

Client found not guilty

Juvenile Case

Client was involved in a fight at school that involved several people, and the client had a co-defendant as well. We were able to work out a retirement of the charges against our client.

No jail time, no fines, & no conviction

DUI Case

Client was charged with a DUI on I-40 heading in the wrong direction from where he told the officer he thought he was going.

No loss of license, a minimal fine, & less jail time

Cocaine Possession

Client was charged with possession of 19 grams of cocaine with intent to sell. Client was set up through a confidential informant and believed to be selling cocaine out of his home and business. After filing a motion to suppress over two hours of video and audio surveillance, the assistant district attorney offered a suspended six-year sentence to my client prior to the motion to suppress being argued. Client was looking at serving a double-digit sentence if convicted.

Client never stepped foot in jail

Marijuana Possession

Client was charged with possession of marijuana in a drug-free school zone, a felony in Tennessee. If convicted our client was looking to serve up to two years in jail. After reviewing the video surveillance from the Smyrna Police officer’s patrol car of the stop, we filed a motion to suppress the stop.

Client was offered a misdemeanor possession plea, 30 days suspended sentence, & a minimal fine.

Statutory Rape

Client was charged with two counts of statutory rape. After discussion with the assistant district attorney regarding the discovery and possible outcomes at trial, the client was offered a plea deal in lieu of trial.

Client plead to one count of statutory rape that will not go on his record, no sex offender registry requirement, & no jail time.