DUI Attorneys in Lebanon, Tennessee

Don’t Lose Your License for One Drink

When you’re charged with driving under the influence, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who understands the law to defend your rights. The Law Offices of Thomas Maynard will always fight for your best interests and establish the best defense for your case.

There’s no reason to settle for a plea bargain if evidence suggests otherwise. A DUI conviction leaves a lasting mark on your permanent record that could affect your ability to gain employment or a driver’s license. Tony guides you through the legal process and makes sure you get the best legal advice possible. Call today for a DUI lawyer in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Tell Us the Facts About Your Arrest

Tony will gather the evidence in your case to determine the best course of action. He wants to know if there were any violations of your rights during the arrest process. He’ll talk about the facts of your case and fight potential:

  • Fines
  • Prison time
  • Loss of your driver’s license

Schedule a free initial consultation today with a DUI lawyer serving Lebanon and the Middle Tennessee areas.