Sex Crimes Defense for Tennessee Teachers Attorneys in Lebanon, Tennessee

Your students trust you, and you never planned on crossing the line. Then, one thing led to another, and now you find yourself without a job, your name in the news, and your entire future at stake.

No matter what other people are saying about you, you still have a right to be carefully and confidently represented throughout your case. Because cases of improper sexual conduct between teacher and student get so much attention, you will be offered the chance to defend yourself in court.

Your Side of The Story Matters

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas Maynard will ensure that your voice is heard. We will carefully analyze the details of your case to find any discrepancies in facts and testimony to tip the scales in your favor. Ultimately, it is on the state to prove their case, and calling out every detail can quickly shine a light on what actually happened. When the facts are known at trial, we can help you mitigate the potentially severe consequences you face.

Not every law firm in the area is willing to take on these cases, but we are. When no one else is on your side, we will be there to protect your rights discreetly, thoroughly, and professionally. Your role as a teacher and mentor is important to Tennessee students, and we will work to defend your rights and the future of your career.

Learn More About Your Rights with A Free Consultation

We represent all teachers in the Nashville metro area who are facing charges of sex crimes. Learn more about your rights in a private, no-cost initial consultation at our office in Lebanon. Don’t rely on a firm in the big city where the news media is watching.

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