What Can Happen if You Share Intimate Images or Videos of Your Ex?

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Dec. 24, 2020

Although society has become more liberal about sexual activity, certain behaviors still carry noteworthy social stigma. Having nude pictures online could have a devastating impact on a person’s life and career.

After a breakup with a partner, you may want some kind of revenge. The idea of sending their family or co-workers images that they shared with you might seem like a way to hurt your ex. You might also think about sharing the images with your friends or distributing them online.

Could you get in to trouble for sharing intimate images of someone else without permission?

Tennessee Calls the Unauthorized Sharing of Explicit Images ‘Unlawful Exposure’

Most of the time, if an intimate partner sends you images of themselves, they expect you to keep them private. The same is true for any video they send you directly or through social media and well as videos you may have filmed together. Even images that you take with your own phone are subject to restrictions on their sharing.

If you don’t have the permission of the other person to share those images or videos, you could face criminal charges.

How Does Tennessee Punish Unlawful Exposure?

Under state law, unlawful exposure is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, those accused of Class A misdemeanors could serve nearly a year in jail and pay a fine of as much as $2,500.

In this situation, the victim may also have grounds to take civil action against the accused party if the distribution of the images or video impacted their health or income. A guilty plea or conviction may help their civil case against you.

Defending against unlawful exposure charges can help you avoid jail time and reduce the likelihood of a successful lawsuit. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance.