What Are My Options when Facing Drunk Driving Charges?

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Nov. 4, 2020

Facing drunk driving charges can be overwhelming and can dramatically impact the personal and professional life of the accused driver. As a result, accused drivers should immediately understand how they can protect themselves and defend themselves against the charges they are facing. Penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving charges are serious and should not be taken lightly.

Drunk driving defenses may be based on a faulty traffic stop, faulty field sobriety test or faulty breathalyzer test. Certain requirements must be met for a traffic stop, field sobriety test or breathalyzer test. The arresting officer must have probable cause to make the initial traffic stop. At every point during a DUI arrest, criminal defense rights protect accused drivers who need to be familiar with those protections.

A field sobriety test must be conducted according to training received by the officer administering the test. The officer must also be properly trained to administer a field sobriety test. The officer administering a breathalyzer test must also be trained to administer that particular breathalyzer test device and must administer it according to the training they have received. Breathalyzer tests must also be properly maintained and calibrated to provide accurate and reliable results. Additional requirements may also apply.

A variety of criminal defense protections are available to accused drivers facing drunk driving charges and the serious penalties and consequences that go along with them. Accused drivers need to be familiar with all of them and how they can help them and assert their criminal defense rights when so much is on the line.