Tennessee Man Charged with DUI

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Jan. 31, 2019

A man believed to be under the influence of drugs was arrested on the night of Jan. 8 following a traffic stop, according to local sources. The Tennessee Highway Patrol took the 33-year-old man into custody under suspicion of DUI. His passenger, a 27-year-old woman, was charged with drug possession. Both individuals were set to appear in court on Jan. 11.

According to the report filed by patrol officers, they received word of an erratic driver on Midway Road in Greene County who was reportedly crossing the center line into oncoming traffic. Officers stopped the vehicle, and allegedly observed the man to be exhibiting signs of intoxication, including glassy eyes and what was described as a “lethargic demeanor.” Officers went on to say the man refused to consent to a blood draw and failed several field sobriety tests, so he was taken to a detention center.

Police then obtained a warrant for the blood draw, during which the man allegedly passed out several times. Police noted they had to shake the man to wake him up during the process. He now faces charges of DUI second offense, as well as violation of the implied consent law. The passenger was found to have a pill bottle containing what police believe to be Xanax, for which she claimed to have a prescription. She faces charges of possession of a Schedule IV drug.

A DUI charge can have serious ramifications for an accused person, including the loss of his or her driver’s license and possibly even incarceration. This is why Tennessee authorities will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the man was under the influence of drugs while behind the wheel. His defense representation will carefully review the arrest and processing reports to assess whether the man’s rights were respected, and to determine what challenges may be made in court to the blood analysis.