Speed and Alcohol Can Result in A DUI Arrest

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Oct. 18, 2019

A death caused by a motor vehicle accident is a tragedy. It can be all the more so if caused by a drunk driver. A recent accident in Tennessee that took the life of a man may have been the result of drunk driving by a person who was apparently out on bail for a previous DUI charge.

Two cars collided on a highway near Memphis on a recent Thursday morning. A witness reported seeing a car speeding past him at what he described as speed in excess of 100 mph. A short time later, the person who had reported seeing the speeding vehicle came upon the crash scene. The witness reported stopping to offer assistance, and the driver asked for a ride. Police arriving on the scene caused the driver to flee.

The driver of the other vehicle was a young father who was reportedly unresponsive at the crash site. He was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the other car was apprehended and faces multiple charges. They include reckless driving, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular homicide.

A person in Tennessee who is arrested and accused of a crime retains the right of presumption of innocence until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. When a driver is suspected of DUI, this can be unsettling to the accused. A person may be unsure of one’s rights and can garner such information from a criminal defense professional. A knowledgeable attorney can inform the client of his or her rights and work to ensure that those rights are upheld throughout the criminal justice process.