Rehearsal May Help when Telling Kids About Divorce

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Dec. 17, 2019

Tennessee parents never want to do anything that will hurt their children. Unfortunately, some events in life may cause unavoidable emotional pain to children, such as when parents decide to divorce. However, parents can hopefully lessen the negative feelings that children feel by telling them the news in a calm and comforting way.

Divorce can create major upheaval in children’s lives, and they need reassurance that they will not be lost in the transition. Before parents talk to their kids about the divorce, they may want to go ahead and work out details and answers to questions that the children may ask. For example, the kids may want to know where they will live after the divorce or who they will live with, and being able to provide answers to such questions may help them feel better about what is happening.

In addition to having answers, parents may want to plan out what they are going to say and rehearse it beforehand. By knowing what they are going to say, parents may avoid stumbling over their words or letting their own emotions get the better of them. As a result, the children may feel less confused.

Divorce can be upsetting for children of any age, and having a direct and open conversation about it may help them understand that they are still loved. Though things will change, assuring them that they will still see both parents (if that is the case) may put them at ease. Of course, before telling the children about any specific custody arrangements, it is important that the matters are approved by a Tennessee court.