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Rehearsal may help when telling kids about divorce

Tennessee parents never want to do anything that will hurt their children. Unfortunately, some events in life may cause unavoidable emotional pain to children, such as when parents decide to divorce. However, parents can hopefully lessen the negative feelings that children feel by telling them the news in a calm and comforting way.

Divorce and financial anxiety are not a good combination

The end of a Tennessee marriage can cause immense sadness and heartache as the dream of growing old with one's partner is no longer a reality. Other emotions may enter into the situation including anger and resentment. Add the stress of a financial settlement in the divorce and one has a recipe for the opposite of happily ever after.

High-conflict parents can cause harm to children in a divorce

The terms helicopter parents and bulldozer parents have become very familiar in recent years. Where divorcing parents are concerned, there is another term, high-conflict parents. While people who are divorcing may lose track of concern for each other, the well-being of their children typically remains paramount in any divorce proceedings in Tennessee.

Gray divorce can be fraught with financial stumbling blocks

Divorce rates in the United States are on the decrease among younger married couples. This generation is waiting longer to get married, with the couple often living together first. This contributes to the decrease as couples may be more mature and know each other better before entering into marriage. There is one group where the divorce rate is on the rise. The divorce rate for those over 50 is increasing at a very rapid rate for couples in Tennessee and around the nation.

Financial implications for gray divorce

Marriages are entered into with a promise of 'for better or worse.' Many couples who have been married for a long time, raised families and had careers are questioning that promise as they consider their happiness in their golden years. The rate of divorce generally has decreased except for those over 50. The rate of the gray divorce is increasing in Tennessee and around the country.

Job loss can heavily impact divorce

Making the decision to divorce in Tennessee can take an emotional toll on a person and be the beginning of a difficult period in one's life. If a job loss is added to that upheaval, it can make an already complicated, and possibly contentious, divorce process seem that much worse. What are some steps that can be taken to lessen the impact?

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