Can I Get Alimony During My Divorce in Tennessee?

On Behalf of Law Offices of Thomas Maynard Oct. 21, 2020

Spouses seeking alimony during their divorce may wonder when alimony may be awarded in Tennessee during divorce. Likewise, spouses that may end up paying alimony following their divorce may wonder on what basis alimony may be awarded. This makes understanding alimony awards an important part of the divorce process.

Alimony may be awarded in different forms in Tennessee. Alimony is a payment made to one former spouse by the other former spouse following their divorce. One type of alimony that may be awarded is rehabilitative alimony which is designed to help a spouse who has been out of the workforce maintain the standard of living they enjoyed during their marriage if they lack the education or training necessary to enter the workforce. Transitional alimony is another type of alimony that may be awarded while one spouse transitions to the new financial situation following divorce.

Alimony in futuro, or periodic alimony, is another alimony option that may be awarded on an ongoing basis if the former spouse is unable to obtain the education or training necessary to obtain a job. Alimony in solido is a final type of alimony that may be awarded in a lump sum. A variety of factors determine what type of alimony will be awarded in terms of duration of the alimony award and the nature of the alimony payment that will be awarded. Factors include the length of marriage; the age and physical and mental conditions of each of the spouses; the financial resources, earning capacity, needs and obligations of each of the spouses; the property division agreement; and the standard of living enjoyed by the couple during the marriage.

Divorcing couples should be prepared for what to expect when a request for alimony is made during their divorce. Alimony serves an important purpose but can also be a contentious issue so divorcing couples should understand how it is awarded.