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Getting a divorce or making other essential family changes? Protect what you have worked to build.

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Do not let a property line disagreement or other civil matter spiral out of control. We can help.

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Being charged with a crime can be frightening and disorienting. You may be facing damage to your reputation as well as potential jail time, fines and other penalties. Uncertainty about your future can add to your stress. You need effective and experienced legal representation as soon as possible to preserve your freedom and access to future opportunities. At the Law Offices of Thomas Maynard, our exceptional experience and commitment to your case gives you the best possible chance at a positive result.

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Starting A New Chapter

If you are getting a divorce, have child custody issues or need to settle the affairs of a loved one who has passed away, our compassionate and thorough legal team can help. We recognize and empathize with the stress these issues can cause, and strive to resolve challenges with integrity and focus. We know that these are legal issues that can affect the whole family, and we take care to protect your rights vigorously while balancing the needs of children.


Resolving Civil Disputes

Whether you have a property line dispute, a personal injury case, concerns about debt collection practices or another issue, our firm can help to advance your position and arrive at a favorable result.

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Tony is an exceptional lawyer! He made a huge difference in my life and is the most trusted lawyer you could ask for. I was in a difficult situation and Tony gave me the best possible result. Tony did what another lawyer in town promised he could do for a fraction of the cost. If you’re in need of legal help, you won’t regret having Tony on your side. The best of the best!

Roderick G.